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Naomi Elishuv had played for a number of orchestras, including Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, but was forced to stop performing professionally two decades ago when she began suffering from a condition called essential tremor. During the procedure which was performed under local anaesthetic, surgeons asked Elishuv to play so her brain was active. The footage shows Elishuv shaking and struggling to play the violin before she is wheeled into surgery. Surgeons are then seen operating on her brain behind a huge plastic curtain. As soon as the procedure is complete, the violinist’s hands become steady, and she is able to play unhindered for the first time in 20 years.

Batshit crazy.

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"L’amour vient par surprise comme la mort. Il ne s’avance pas en battant le gwo-ka. Son pied s’enfonce doux, dans la terre meuble des coeurs."

— Maryse Condé

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Jeune fille cubaine, Cuba 1996, by Michel François


strangers in public transit in toronto, new york city, and montreal during august

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tumblr taught me that the most entertaining thing to do in the uk is get shitfaced sitting in the street



Dozens of black swans at Shenzhen Safari Park seen feeding carp.The hungry fish thronged by the banks of the lake as the swans craned their long necks to feed them mouth to mouth. The credulity stretching scene is a regular occurrence at the Guangdong Province zoo, where keepers said the swans have been feeding their carp friends every day for the past ten years.

this gives me the chills man

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Meteorite captured during a time lapse. These puppies light up the entire night sky, their tails turn green then they fizzle into nothing. Northern Chile

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5:18 pm Jamestown , Ghana. (Africa)

photo by Allen Coleman

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jon hopkins / collider

experiments on my heart muscles: 2 cognacs, 2 or 3 cups of coffee, 1 gin and tonic, 1 alcohol energy drink, beer with a little champagne from the ladies.
last but not least: our lovely Mary-Jane
 ”asta trebuie de-nvățat pe de rost ca imnul României când te duci să iai pașaportu” ~ Cristina

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un petit creuxbetweenscrap

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Barnett NewmanCathedra, 1951

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